Masonry restoration work Brighton


Masonry restoration work in Brighton

Every building demands restoration as they age. Masonry restoration work Brighton is an umbrella term used for a wide range of repair and restoration work performed on properties of all kinds. It however does not include any type of work on a new building. Masonry restoration includes repairing an existing structure, tearing down a masonry and rebuilding, cleaning and sealing. Here at A Milne Building, we are a leading masonry restoration work Brighton Company that is experienced and knowledgeable to handle masonry restoration requirements of all sizes and nature.
There are several problems that develop with stone structures as they age. Some of the common problems include spalling of the brick faces, settlement cracks, efflorescence/staining, deteriorated or open mortar joints, loose bricks, moisture retention and severe weathering. Weather alone is a very severe factor that affects masonry. However, it is crucial for an expert to inspect the property ad identify the areas that demand masonry restoration work, Brighton. The experts at A Milne Building can handle all these kinds of jobs pretty well and ensure that the masonry structures are restored to their former glory.
We are dedicated to preserve your stone structures and maintain the value of your property. Connect with us today and let us offer you the best professional advice. We have worked with hundreds of property-owners in Brighton and delivered the best results. We wait for your call and to work on your property and requirements.

Masonry restoration services Brighton

We are experienced and qualified craftsman in Brighton who have worked with both commercial and residential property owners in the region. We perform all kinds of work and brickwork services that are aimed at accentuating the value of a property. When performing masonry restoration services in Brighton, it is crucial that the mason pays attention while choosing the right stone and material for the restoration job. The repaired patch must look similar to the existing structure and must not be identified out. When we work on your requirements, we ensure that the final results are the best.

Our stone masonry restoration services include:

  • Tuck-pointing
  • Random Brick Replacement
  • Repair / Replacement of Window Heads & Sills
  • Installation of Weeps
  • Cleaning, Sealing & Coating
  • Installation of Expansion Joints
  • Rebuilding Dislodged or Severely Damaged Sections
We can also perform auxiliary repairs of several other building elements such as roofs, flashings & gutters, as well as any needed masonry repairs. We are well-versed with the work requirements of both historical and contemporary buildings. It is important that any problem with the structure is identified at the earliest and the necessary actions are taken. Our professional masonry restoration experts take care of the requirements and ensure the best results. We ensure that your properties are maintained in the best shape and have the best structural, functional and operational value.
We are a one-stop solution for your requirements and ensure that you have a beautiful house with no damage at all.
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Why choose us Masonry restoration work, Brighton?

A Milne Building is a leading stonemasonry and masonry restoration work Company in Brighton. As a team of expert and dedicated masons, we have worked on a wide range of projects and delivered the best results. We understand how to cater to the requirements of the clients and work on the design and repair requirements diligently. We have been the preferred choice of masons in the region for several years and have maintained consistency in our work.
We are proud to be an affordable masonry restoration service provider in the region. We understand the project requirements as well as the budgetary limitations of the clients and deliver them the best services under their budget. We are your affordable masonry services provider that works for you as per your financial planning.
Our team is all excited to work on your projects and deliver you the best results, we not only bring our knowledge and skills to work but are also passionate about working on your projects. We aim to understand your requirements and offer you bespoke solutions.

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